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Marine Plywood - general informations

1. Panel sizes (L x W cm):

The first mentioned measurement is the length of the veneer.
Undersizes up to 10% of total quantity are allowed without a price reduction.

2. Tolerance of thickness:

Is valid for sanded panels in relation to thickness and panel-size, according to EN 315 / EN 324-2.

3. Thickness of face veneers:

Are valid gross, meaning before press and sanding machine.

4. Quality:

For example I / III = face I / backside III.
The panels are wooden and therefore a natural product. Variation in colour and texture are possible.

5. Glueing:

AW 100 (W.B.P.) = weather-, water- and boilproof glued, acc. EN 314-1 / EN 314-2 / class 3: exterior.

6. Scarfing joints:

We are able to produce longer panels with cross scarfing joints and wider panels with lengthwise scarfing joints on inquiry. (Acc. to the rules of German Lloyd).

Length or cross scarfing joints
with or without glueing
4-10 mm: 1:10 / 12-32 mm: 1:8

7. Blank cut:

Right angled possible against extra charge. 

Tolerance +/- 1 mm at 1 m.

8. Storage:

The panels have to lie flat on enough wood spacers and they have to be protected against high or low moisture, sun and frost. The correct storage prevents warping, swelling and shrinking!

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