HPL Decor for interior boatbuilding flooring

Wood replica

HPL laminate decor teak or mahogany, with light or dark stripes, in distance approx. 44: 5: 44 mm.
Aplication: As floor covering indoors, in boat interiors or for tables and decorative surfaces.
The HPL laminate panels are also available glued on a carrier panel made of Okoume plywood on request.
See also panel type Hydropont HPL laminate

HPL Laminat Dekor Teak mit hellen und dunklen Adern
HPL Laminat Dekor Teak + helle Adern FE070
HPL Laminat Dekor Teak + dunkle Adern FE066
HPL Laminat Dekor Mahagoni + helle Adern
HPL Laminat Dekor Mahagoni + dunkle Adern
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