Teak characteristics

Care in the exterior

A protective coating is not necessary due to the Teak characteristics. We don´t have a clue for the right oil/Teak preservative agent because of the huge market. These products frequently strain the permanent elastic joint and the flank adhesion, the joint becomes soft, porous or hardens out. The effects are often cracks and joint replacements! We advice a cleaning just with fresh water and a deck swabber, in case of obstinate dirt use a hard sponge, but never use a brush! Untreated Teak gets a grey "colour" during weathering without losing firmness.



Teak of characteristics

The special characteristics of the Teakwood are the very good durability (comparison of the shrinking sets radially: Teak 2,55 %, Oregon 4,50 %, Oak 4,30 %, Iroko 4,10 %) and the unusually high resistance against fungus, termite infestation and different chemicals (acids). In addition Teak possesses preserving characteristics, which prevent a corrosion of metallic fittings etc.
But these data are not valid for the cheap African-Teak!

The golden-yellow texture of Teak presents an exclusive feeling of luxury in the interior of yachts and cruisers. Teak requires little care and maintains its strength and attractivity for decades. It does not warp, rot or split. Because of that is Teak the first choice for Deckings, Gratings and Furniture.


physical characteristics

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