Plywood fire retardant (rotary cut veneers)

 acc. EN 13501-1 / Euro class B-s2, d0 / Bfl-s1

Throughout rotary cut veneers, throughout saturated in chemical chlorine-free fire retardant agents which, in case of fire, are released and prevent flames from spreading. The material produces neither smoke nor toxic gases in dangerous quantities and is resistant against attack by insects and fungus.
Also possible to produce with HPL/Laminate fire retardant or with Sotiphon inner ply, i.e. 6 + 3 + 6 = 15 mm.

Application: For ceilings, partitions and light floors in cinemas, theatres, libraries, schools, hotels, offices, discotheques and vehicle building.
Attention: Lacquer finish and edge protection is absolutely necessary!

Minimum order: 50 panels each thickness.

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